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Value in stories and connection

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Zuleika Lebow: Tutor Session 03

Things to tell Zuleika:

  • Still struggling with my question wording.

  • I'm creating an emotional project - use of heart words.

  • My traits are backed by psychology of adolescents.

  • Does my work reflect the change I want to see?

  • Intervention: stories to share - Found to lost to unlost. To see if perception changes.

  • Inspire+Educate+Guide

  • Who am I affecting with my project?

  • Authentic relating games - How to adapt?

My question in all its words:

How can I make the lives of late adolescents in Sri Lanka more equipped to face their first time experiences in society by getting guidance fro those who hve experienced them?

Zuleika: Look up:

Soft White Underbelly - YouTube

The Big Book of AA

Stories during session:

Z: Wish someone told her that uni at 21 would be a different experience than at 18. If someone had told her, might have made a difference.

D: Person who gave her the advice made a difference by using the right words, and trust was already there.

Y: Right words and trust, and learnt from the mistake.


Collection of reflections.

James O'Brian - How to be right. How not to be wrong.

Dialog with yourself.

How Chicken Soup for the Soul changed people's lives.

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