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I was a part of Roar at its inception, and it was an exciting experience trying to decipher our Founder's vision of 'content that go beyond the basics'.


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‘Counting Calories’, ‘Cheat Day’, ‘Protein-Shake’ and ‘Leg Day’; are they in your daily vocabulary?

Have you noticed that all your excuses have just two words: ‘gym machan’?

Have you lost your friends since you can’t come out on Fridays or even Saturdays, or the fact that you don’t down beers like you used to because… well, calories?

Do you feel more home at gym than at your own house?

You are not alone. Welcome to Gym Kadey Memes – laugh, cry, agree and show your mother!

Ever met someone who makes you wonder why the world is not in love with them because they’re just so damn amazing? That you want to just grab the world by the neck, shove it down and say ‘Love it dammit! Just love it!’? Well I can’t really do that literally, but I can try throw it out there and hope for the best.

The above heading is a lie. This is not a description that would go anywhere near the creative designer, Shehan Rodrigo; a whirlwind of eccentricities and talent. Learning from his surroundings and self-teaching, Shehan has become a highly sought-after graphic designer in Sri Lanka’s design industry.

The year 2014 saw laughter, tears, celebration, devastation and change in Sri Lanka in a monumental fashion. From a World Cup win to a Common Candidate in the Presidential Elections and from floods to landslides, Sri Lanka has been through the grinder this year.  Did the positives outweigh the negatives or did we all just have our lives shaken around?
We have curated a list of the most significant events that happened this year and you can be the judge.

Every November we see the world of men taken over by facial hair which resembles a bunch of cavemen before the discovery of blades.  There are two reasons for this. One is ‘Movember’ and the other is ‘No Shave November.’ Bet most of you didn’t know they were two different things. ‘Movember’ is an annual event which focuses on the growing of moustaches with the goal to ‘change the face of men’s health’ thus raising awareness of men’s health issues. ‘No Shave November’ is run by a different organisation that encourages people to donate the money they would otherwise spend on hair grooming to the American Cancer Society.

There is a strong presumption that Uber, the smooth and reliable transportation company, which has been taking the world by storm, might be launching in Sri Lanka soon. Connecting riders to drivers through an app, it has been the aspirin to the ‘taking a cab’ headache.  Since the launch in 2009, the company provides outstanding service to over 200 cities in 45 countries and if we have our sources right, it might be available in Sri Lanka soon.

The world is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Every success story has a humble beginning and we discovered another such journey full of adventure. This is the journey of a man named Larry T Hill who is on a quest to discover the simplicity of life and trace his roots.

Dinuka Jayasuriya, also known as ‘PJ,’ lord knows for what reasons, is a man of many, many talents. Not only is he an absolutely fine looking and muscular man who spends endless hours sweating away at the gym, but he is also extremely handy with an acoustic guitar. As great as all of this is describing the man of your dreams (meant for females and the occasional male), the purpose of his existence is to create another. He is fascinated with the field of Artificial Intelligence and is strongly pursuing his plan with pure self-motivation.

Stumbling upon a diary printed and distributed by Richard & Co., which gave the address of P.O BOX 851, Colombo followed by a phone number of 25981, we at Roar were blown away by the information it contained. More than the party that wrote in the diary itself, the first few pages of facts and figures really got us, especially when it came to currency exchange, postal fees and the good old annual holidays.

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