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Dragon's Den pitch and feedback


Hi, my name is Tia and I’m from Sri Lanka.

For anyone between 18 – 21 or sometimes up to 24, entering society for the first time, and just starting to co-exist in society is a lot of guess work based on very little experience and observations.

Focusing on Sri Lanka, I want the information from the ‘village it takes to raise a child’ to play an active role in the guidance of these LAs.

I want them to be able to handle the real world with basic interaction skills that can be passed down from others with hindsight that is locked up in ‘learn by yourself’ or ‘you are too young to know’.

Change the existing system… in fact break the system.


My interventions took the forms of working in pairs with people they may or may not know answering personal questions, trivia, teaching something, and crisis solving.

While there was a more success rate than a failure rate in these interventions, a big difference was that I was in the picture, and they knew me on some level. Then I tried the same with people I have never met.

I still had the same effect on people I’ve known for three hours as with people I’ve known for three years in creating a similar effect.

Me: what do I bring into this? My jokes, games I play, relating to them, the teaching I do which is Human Centred Design based on Empathy, and my non-verbal communication all added to a safe and friendly environment where they were open to learning and guidance.

So, I wanted to take the essence out of myself and see how it exist outside of me.

Work together but doesn’t have to be at the same time.

I’ve taken feedback from my former students on what has worked and what hasn’t and is in the process of creating the next intervention which is a DnD inspired deck playing to the chaotic good to break the system and set a new precedent using characters, tones, responses, advice, observations, and stories to be create a more resilient LA in SL.

Change: For the late adolescents of Sri Lanka to love themselves.

Problem: Cultural gatekeeping communication.

What do I want them to do: Handle life with basic interaction skills. Pass them down. Break the system.

Question: How can I help the late adolescents of Sri Lanka to be more resilient?

Interventions: Games that involved interactions such as answering personal questions, trivia, teaching, crisis solving. More of a success rate.

I was in the picture.

Next intervention: With people I don’t know who don’t know me.

Result: Same affect.

Analysis: Feedback from students.

Essence: Games, jokes, how I relate, HCD, nonverbal communication equalling to safe and friendly environment to be open to me. Take the essence to exist outside of me.

Next step: DnD inspired Chaotic Good deck.


How do I communicate this outside of the classroom?

Look for the parts that I haven't covered in my research yet.

Rethink the word 'resilience' - but it's the use of heart words than head words.

Get out of my comfort zone. - this is me believing that I could trust the way I do things.

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