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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Tutor: Dr. Cvetana Ivanova

Defining my solution space:

Systems and Categories:

Micro System: Positive relation (main objective), personal growth (be a better person), influence (setting a precedent), integrity (strong morals)

Meso System: Social acceptance (coexist), social coherence (accept differences)

Types of Innovation:

ART: Participatory Art - Human Centred Design, Chaotic Good, Gaming

SCIENCE: Humanistic Psychology (Authentic Relating), Social Psychology (Nonverbal Communication)

Final MA Question: How can Chaotic Good inspired game based learning build emotional resilience in the late adolescents of Sri Lanka?

Innovation Values:

Human Values (Functional and Emotional) = Workshops/Games and Authentic Relating/Nonverbal Communication.

Types of Research:

Exploratory: Trying to find different means that are applicable to late adolescents which could help them coexist by building emotional resilience.

Descriptive: as part of the solution characteristics were determined by my behaviour and Chaotic Good characteristics.

Qualitative: Surveys/Feedback/Interventions/Lit Review

Quantitative: Feedback/Lit Review

Emotional Evaluation:

Activated: Curiosity (to know more about the world) and Inspiration (by the different experiences)

Pleasant: Fascination and Joyfulness (by the information they get by coexisting), Softened, Satisfaction, Relaxed ( by understanding contexualising)

Calm: Calm (no longer 'alarmed')

ViP Way of Thinking:

Virtues Evaluation:

New Knowledge Gathered and External Expert Verification:

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