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Fear + Bias

Tutor: Zuleika Lebow

It's now a widely respected theory that horror as a genre reflect the collective fears and anxieties of a society (Skrull(?), 1993)

Horror being enjoyable - expressing in a safe environment.

Do we need to confront it and express it?

Do we put our fear into our work?

Fear is uncertainty - Fear and uncertainty as research tools.

They can be transformed into curiosity.

Answer to uncertainty = find out new knowledge in the process.

Fear = bias.

If we stay away from something because of fear - when it's not dangerous.

Within a research content, avoidance of certain topics due to fear or prejudice is called a bias.

Example: Car crash dummies - They're a certain size and height. What about those that doesn't fit the frame?

Clothes don't have a psyche to decide which gender you are.

Don't have assumptions.

Research that only are bias to my project - red flag.

Extreme or inappropriate language - in English (In English we adhere to its rules. It has become mine. So who's in charge of changing the rules of language?)

Don't let the bias stand in the way of exploring ideas because it's risky, embarrassing, or shameful.


How do I overcome my bias?

What affects my decisions?

Reflect on the past.

Be curious.

Strive for a growth mindset.

Identify what make me uncomfortable.

Embrace the opposite.

Seek multiple perspectives.

Look for disconfirming evidence.

Practice intellectual humility.

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