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Forever intrigued by ‘Why are you like this?’


Feet (formerly) dipped, submerged, and sometimes completely drowned in photography, copywriting for advertising, journalism, and lecturing in Human Centred Design, I completed my MA in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries at Central Saint Martins focusing on building emotional resilience in the late adolescents through game based learning in 2022.


Utilising my knowledge and experience working in different industries in Sri Lanka, and further establishing my strengths in research and concept development, I am deeply rooted in my hunt for creating for a people centric society.

Rather than racing ahead in life, I've always sought to explore life itself, considering the world as one interconnected place, making me a global citizen. Place me in America and I will tell you why American Idol should continue, place me in England and I will tell you why Liverpool is the best football team in the world, and place me in Switzerland and I will tell you how much the students benefit from their education system.  My knowledge can be referred to as Jack of all trades, master of one – insights. 

There's an innate wholesomeness to an insight—a thought that the world shares but rarely articulates; an unspoken truth. An unthought known. Insights bridge gaps without bias, and uncovering these gems is a journey worth celebrating.

My main interest in creativity is now fully focused on understanding why people behave the way they do, understanding the generation gap (especially cutting some slack to Gen Z), and how to convert their unique experiences into effective communication.


I believe that while niceness is overrated, kindness will and should never go out of style... And design based on empathy, will always pull at the heart strings.

My mission is to cultivate a world where creativity not only flourishes but overflows. I aspire to establish an environment where ideas are freely voiced, perpetually evolving, and collectively built into something monumental. A foundation founded on kindness can never steer you wrong when the insight is genuine.

I want to live my life utilising my knowledge and my eccentrics, and place it in the right environment. I’m looking for a world which will give me a reason to wake up in the morning.

Current dig site: Are star signs accurate? Are people generally happier if they embody their star sign characteristics? Also, why am I sick of pizza? What exactly changed?


Chaotic Good, for life.

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