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A compilation of work for other platforms, and a few of my personal work.


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Sri Lanka is famous for its regal mountains, beaches to die for, waterfalls that dots the island, ruins boasting of several ancient kingdoms, and a wildlife that seeps into the urban life. Even after a devastating civil war and tragedies that tore this island apart, the islanders have a way of rising above embracing our ability to survive partly because of the amazing sights Sri Lanka offers and partly because of the resolute of the Sri Lankan people.

At AOD, we believe that by their third year, all students are equipped with the knowledge and the tools to create their Final Major Project efficiently and effectively.  Students are able to remember up to First Year (in some cases, Foundation or Portfolio level) and use the vast knowledge they have been given with expertise. Compared to the other years, where a student is just learning the ropes of design, Third Year feels like a walk in the park…
… yeah, if that park was located in hell and you have to go through Dante’s nine circles.
Contrary to popular belief, Third Year is where you usually forget everything you’ve ever been taught, and end up asking your lecturers questions like ‘What comes after A?’ and ask yourself ‘What is this life?’.  
Let’s start with the basics…

All of our degrees require you to have a bit of experience photographing. However, there are times when you need the help of a professional photographer. Whether it’s to do a shoot for your content or photograph the final collection, you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing - unless you actually do. 

Kate loves all cultural aspects of fashion which affect students’ behaviour, and figuring out the creative ways they approach their projects!

For anyone getting to know AOD, one of the first people you’d see is Amaisha Perera. Whether you’ve dropped by AOD to check out what we offer, attended one of our events, or if you are a part of the Young Creatives Club, Amaisha will be there to take you through what we do and what we can offer you. Being the youngest member of the AOD team, she has a deeper understanding of the potential students and the community the new generations are living in.


1. ‘It’s okay.’

When you have poured your heart and soul into a project and it gets shut down, when you worked for 6 hours straight and your computer crash, when you seem so lost that no idea seems to pan out, tell yourself... It’s okay. It’s okay that the world seems to be crashing around you. You can recover from this. You can do better. You can do this. You just need to breathe and start again.

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There are significant benefits from completing the AOD Design Foundation Programme before your degree programme.  Eight months of study that prepares you for the degree programme is beneficial to anyone who’s straight after school or coming with a different background of study.  A design degree is not easy... ask any of our degree students about the amount of work they put in and they will tell that it involves 100% dedication and passion. So, why should a three year degree be four years of study?

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…or remember that fell off your desk one day and you never found it? Well, you are about to find them all.

On June 27th, a public event named ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ was created on Facebook hosted by a casual meme account, a gaming video creater, and an event planning account. Currently (22/07/2019), there are 1.9 million people who says ‘Going’ and 1.4 million choosing ‘Interested’. The page description reads; ‘We will all meet up at the Area 51 Alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry. If we Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Let’s see them aliens.’ On the 20th September 2019, 3am (PDT), they will storm Area 51 in Nevada.

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Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is Swedish YouTuber, actor, comedian, and gamer – commentator, and is famous among Gen Z as PewDiePie. In 2013, he was the most subscribed user on YouTube, and currently (2019 July) he has over 98 million subscribers and 22 billion video views, ranking as the second-most subscribed and eleventh-most viewed on the platform.

Talking to Gen Z on their obsession with PewDiePie, we were curious to know why he’s so popular, and why when the T Series YouTube channel surpassed PewDiePie, the fans rebelled and went campaigning to bring PewDiePie back as the most subscribed YouTube Channel.

‘He makes a joke a better joke’

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Trishan and Edwin are two students from our Motion Graphics and Animation department in their second year. Trishan first started these whiteboard drawings to celebrate his classmate, Edwin. Trishan said he noticed that Edwin wore really interesting and ‘different’ t-shirts. Over the past year and a half, Trishan and Edwin have become really close friends, and even describes themselves as ‘besties’. What started as something he did for fun, Trishan is now planning on turning all the drawings to into a comic based on Edwin as well as building awareness on how animators balance college and life outside of it (if there is such a thing!).

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AOD graduate Chani Perera behind Riot House Studio talks branding, creative education and where design and science should intersect to open up bigger and better possibilities for the world

“At a time designations and career descriptions are becoming more imaginative than ever before, I still like to call myself a graphic designer,” says Chani, opening up the conversation. Although this incredibly talented designer likes to keep her professional definition as simple as possible, Chani’s portfolio demonstrates a much more complex breadth of work that uses a multitude of skills from creativity, critical problem solving, to strategic thinking. Her studio Riot House is probably among Colombo’s most interesting creative practices that mixes in services like branding, graphic design and creative consultancy with design education. For Chani, her love for visual design is at the core of all this; “There is a child-like thrill in me to know that I share the same profession as the likes of Milton Glaser, Paul Rand and Bruno Munari who have created some of the most important conversations in the world with design.”

(The article has the author as the person who uploaded it at that time.)

(Art world drama!)

Story time:

In 2014, Surrey NanoSystems announced that they have engineered a shade of black (Surrey NanoSystems’ Vantablack) that absorbs 99.96% of incident radiation, and holds the record for darkest man-made substance.  A sample of it can vary from £100 to £560 if you buy from Surrey NanoSytems.

(The article has the author as the person who uploaded it at that time.)

My life without my true north...

How do you understand yourself and realise that you can’t live without him? Or realise even if you do live on to the next day, laugh with your friends and go out with them shopping, drinking, clubbing or dancing and even if you attend all your classes, everything you do is meaningless. That you realise you don’t want to be happy if you can’t share it with him. 

This is your chance. 
Your chance to write some mind blowing copy. 
Write something that is going to change perspectives. It doesn’t matter if it ends up changing yours. Sometimes it happens. You start writing and suddenly your belief system fails you, because what you are writing is too powerful. That’s okay.

Dear Parents, We Understand Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees.

That’s Why We Are Asking You for It. 

To all who come from the generation where ‘smart phones’, ‘clubs’ and ‘Facebook’ are still bizarre than a man landing on the moon, here are some of our thoughts:

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