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The Buddhist influence

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

There is a certain element missing when it comes to my core passion. I need to fine tune my ideas, and mostly focus my brain to understand the exact areas I'm trying to focus on. The last few days, the idea of psychology, connected with emotions, behaviour, determination, and the ability to thiunk beyond the norm keeps coming up. A friend recommended that I look into the Dhammapada. The idea that we search not just to know the unknown but to know the knower. How do we turn inward, and get 'dharshana' - a view of the deep.

The deathless self: the source of life. Master the passions of the mind. To know the truth, one much make it real.




If we can see any piece of gold, we can recognise all gold.

Can this be translated to the video of Santhush Weeraman of speaking on culture is what is present. Culture is not always tradition.

Atman: the self.

How can we have an identity in a world where nothing is permanent?

I am also contemplating how I grew up without knowing about racism and discrimination vs someone who is told not to be racist. Nurture vs Nature. How much of this 'self' changes with information, and how is it influenced by what's around us?

Fact that our experiences are different and therefore we have different reactions to the same situation, and we are constantly changing with new information. Instinct vs social conditioning affect a person's ability to be kind.

In the wild, everything is synchronised. There's an instinct for everything. In languages, behaviour, ability, and reaction, it is a pattern that can be observed. However, domesticated animals differ in behaviour. This makes me wonder whether our instincts wired to find coincidences? If so, do humans disrupts instinct/cosmic connections by adding something 'extra'?

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