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The next stage of this project would be to analyse the problem of detachment. The difference between the now and then is technology. Even when we were younger, though we had a TV, we still had family interactions while fighting over who's going to watch what. With the mobile phone and WiFi, family unit does not meet in one room often to have meaningful interactions that build these emotional resilient skills from the beginning of the adolescent era. The detachment from others are happening now.

Even though games like Sims and Second Life have been in the industry for years, the introduction of VR and Metaverse have given another dimension to existence. When this becomes a common household unit, then the detachment from ourselves will start to happen.

With no human interaction, there won't be emotional resilience. We have build this cycle, and perhaps we are too late to stop it. So how can we adapt to it? It's time to bring my solution to the Metaverse.

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