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Milestone SWOT


  • All aspects of the project is backed by secondary research.

  • It is tested with the key stakeholders.

  • Verified by an expert psychologist who is starting to apply this practice I have researched.

  • The language, the morals, and values appeal to late adolescents.

  • The researcher's (my) reputation among Colombo's late adolescent as someone who understands and empathise. Thus, using my reputation as a strength to insert this into society.

  • It is unifying a concept that is being practiced in small scale in certain scenarios.


  • It will not work for everyone as different people learn, absorb information, interact, and behave differently.

  • Not all late adolescents will respond to game based learning or Chaotic Good.

  • It does not address late adolescents outside of the main cities, and not enough research is done to understand their resources and their stories.


  • Current late adolescents are already challenging the status quo.

  • This project has the potential to have a trickle down effect on millennials as well.

  • Prospect of continuation - this project can be built upon.

  • Sri Lankan teachers are starting to question the old way of thinking, and is addressing their dress code.

  • The evolution of gaming culture in Sri Lanka.


  • Extreme culture and traditions of Sri Lanka.

  • Geographical obstacles - Me not physically being in Sri Lanka.

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