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Tradition is passed down. Culture is now.

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Santhush Weeraman, Singer (BNS), Composer, Motivational Speaker, and Business Owner.

The current education system was established in the colonial era, and has not gone through major reforms with regard to the delivery of the education.

Sri Lanka has an island mentality as Sri Lankans are, in fact, islanders.

Hypothesis: However, as it is an island that does not share borders with any other nation, the mixing of culture is quite less. Sri Lanka is a tourist country, and tourists who come to visit do not bring their culture, but immerse in the local culture. We do not have people 'passing' our country nor having the sort of exchange that Europe does.

Would it be fair to say that our culture has not changed since the British colonisation, and the rest of the world is moving on?

According to Statista report in 2018, the expats or immigrants in Sri Lanka were about 40,000 compared to its 22 million population.

Tradition is passed down. Culture is now.

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