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State of Uncertainty

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

You are in a state of uncertainty. A state of indecision. If you are to step out of this state of uncertainty, you need to make a decision. To make this decision, you need to ask yourself... what do you need to happen? Can you make this decision? Are you qualified to make this decision? Do you have enough faith in yourself, in the situation, or even in the outcome to make this decision? Do you have enough information to take any kind of decision?

There is the idea that certain knowledge is impossible? It might be a restriction of time, resources, or the way of the world, but certain knowledge might not always be found. So then how confident are you to make the decisions that would take you out of the state of uncertainty?

Thinking about my project, I need to recheck with myself if I really know about the project I say I do? Do I have a realistic starting point? I need to check what areas I'm not clear about.

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