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Shades of Noir- Safe Spaces

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Lecture thoughts from Shades of Noir with Melodie and Sama ii

How do I create a safe space for Gen Z and the other generations during my interventions? How do I safeguard 'emotions'? What expertism do I have to tackle this?

Speaking of colonisation, how much of Sri Lankan culture is Sri Lankan and how much of it is British, Dutch, or Portuguese?

Positional gaze : How I'm seeing this world. Also think about social media though. How much information are we exposed to? Is an algorithm deciding our positionality?

Language is changing with positionality. Coming from South East Asia, I've started to notice that a lot of the things the West finds offensive is not offensive in Sri Lanka. There are moments that make me wonder if the West is so detached in its righteousness... in its vendetta to correct the mistakes of the past, that they forgot the whole world was not involved in this blood feud. That there are countries where everything is not lying on a foundation of racism.... This has to be a dedicated post later on when I let it lull in my mind a bit more.

However, I am thinking of Sri Lankans and their behaviour, especially in this Protest behaviour. Are they inherently....not racist?

This weight of carrying other people's trauma? How do I navigate this world?


Check the positionality of the person giving me information.

Holding Space: I'm giving a physical and mental space in my interventions. Don't be judgmental. What are my values? Giving time and energy to others with kindness and compassion.

Boundaries: What I will and won't do.

Care: How am I looking after my own mental health and others'?

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