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SciFi, Storytelling, and Asking Better Questions

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Lecturer: Zuleika Lebow

Pre-word: How to Ask Better Questions - Mike Vaugn

Capacity to design 0 decision making.

What to think vs How to think

Unlearn and relearn.


Different perspectives = Conflict = Demoralising

Ask good questions - reduce conflict - common language.

Demistifying the unknown - possibilities

Importance of words and wording (reframing) our questions.

Instead of saying 'Why are they lazy?', reframe to 'How can I get them motivated?'

In a question, you get what you asked for.

Ask Better Questions to Build Better Connections - Amber L. Wright

Genuine curioity without being intrusive.

Her story on Khalid - there's a personal connect. About how she connected with her student based on his love for hip hop is relavant to how I work.

'Act old and young at the same time'. That moment perceptions were shattered and a connection was made. They felt seen.

Go from a passive learner to an active researcher.

Is my question:





Complex and Argueable?




Wants to save. Know that I can save.

Take a broken world.

Imperfect hero: my idea here.

Make my villain great - rebuttal? Challenges? Make the villain bad.

Find the exciting journey - How am I solving this? Interventions?

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