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Notes to Self

My 'How Can' is changing to create a more empathetic conversation between Gen X/Gen Y and Gen Z.

Time Management - This will be the death of me. Not even time management, but really just getting things done. When I'm on a roll, I'm on a roll. Else... nothing drives me like deadlines.

My interventions can be a bit messy. It might not get the desired results, but that's the whole point.

Should I be trying traditional methods to understand why it hasn't happened before or is that a waste of my limited time?

Find the age groups that mental change can happen to comprehend these interventions. At what age would it have a long term positive impact?

Align everything - the change I want to see and how I want to make that change happen might not align. Pay attention.

Start small. Scale it up. It doesn't truly matter at this stage how many people I impact.

Would TikTok be an intervention? Is there a way to use the platform to create change for my change?

Could I use questions? Ask a question from a parent - perhaps how they feel about each other. (E.g. What is your happiest moment? define why)

What levers do I need to shift to make the change?

Think about advertising campaigns - play to my strength?

What is taught in this class that I have also taught? Could these be relevant?

What comes naturally to me?

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