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'Lazy' to 'Convenient' - Declaring my Bias clearly

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

David Mills: Session 3


Understand that assessment criteria, and apply it to my blog by highlighting where information fits each catgegory.

Always keep the audience in mind - let their voices annoucing their needs drive the project.

- This resonates with me as, being a designer, I say designers are selfless. We are always creating for others. We need to answer their brief and not include our personal biases in the work.

Think about what is considered scary for Gen Z and what are they not scared of - how the generations have changed. Fear factors of different generations are different. As a twenty something going to university, I was not scared of my..uh.. moments of loose morals would be publicly recorded forever. We didn't have social media or smart phones. Nothing was permanent. However, with the existence of social media, and especially the smart phone, there is a certain fear.

What does my evidence look like? Intuition vs sensing. Sensing would be based on hisoty, experience, concrete evidence, memories etc. Intuition would be patterns.

David asked me why I was focused on Gen Z and not Gen Y or Gen X. The truth is that the passion I have to create change for the better is for Gen Z. When I look at my own generation or my 'village's' generation, I don't have that fire to change them. I was to help Gen Z. I want them to have better opportunities than I ever did.

How can I find out which generation is more willing to change their mind? There should be solid action research to have this established so that my research is aiming at the right catalyst.

Before - Ask questions

Intervention - disruption

After - Ask questions

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