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Kinks in the armour

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Diana Donaldson : Session 04

Define my area. Narrow down which part of education. Have credible reasoning to why I have chosen my area.

Define my people, the stakeholders. Including students and teachers seems too big a group to make an impactful change. Look into what governing bodies I would need to include. Find out through research which aspect I need to impact to make the shift.

Interventions will also tell me if I'm getting anywhere with the change I want to see... if I have potential. What barriers would I need to break?

How do I add my fears into this?

Do a SWOT analysis.

What exists already?

What would stop me?

What's the change?

What has this change not happened yet?

Why is this a great idea? - why would my stakeholders be excited about this?

Why would my students be excited by this?

Why would the govt. be excited?

Don't forget the government is currently sinking. Why would they change or why would they go against it?


Use academic examples of research. Not just bibliography and reflective writing. Share any major decision making. Self correct if I change my mind.

(What the hell am I uncertain about?)

Pay attention to patterns of behaviour.

Ethics: How sensitive is this project? What are the areas I need to look into? Do I empower the ones who would be feeling insecure here?

What accessibility do I have?

Who are my gatekeepers? Not everyone will be 'for' my project.

Are these external stakeholders that could influence?

What is their motivation?

Check all kinds of feedback.

Question the feedback. Don't get lost in it. Have clear aims of what I want to achieve. Question my research diligently to understand that I'm still working towards the change I want to see - and even then if the change is the right change. Question who and why they're saying what they say.

My question is a work in progress. Don't be afraid to switch up my project if my research leads me there.

What am I trying to get from my interventions? I'm asking they to respond to something I have created. Acquire data or information.

Also pay attention to what would happen if this project doesn't happen.

Common Decency + Empathy

What is in the research process that I would be scared to try? How this pushing me out of my comfort level? Where is my personal growth?

I have to be aware that I'm pushing boundaries not only within my stakeholders but within myself too.

What is my expertise? What is right for me?

Don't be under researched.

Read: trend forecasting, antithesis/hypothesis, think of how a small action can have a big impact, intersectionality.

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