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Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Zuleika Lebow: Session 01

In today's feedback session from the outgoing tutor, David Mills to incoming tutor Zuleika Lebow, several key questions were asked to consider all aspects of my research project.

From David Mills:

  • What the are different traits between the two intervention groups (those known to me and those not).

  • How am I choosing to engage the stakeholder?

  • What is plan for this project beyond the course? Think about how it translates into now as well as later.

From Zuleika:

  • There might be a negative association to the phrase 'Chaotic Good' by those who are not aware of its context. Perhaps a form of guide on what it really is.

  • Pay attention to the guideline. With three months left to go, the 'translated' feedback should not take long as three weeks.

Also pay attention to the fact that certain relationships will take too long to develop.

What would be in my manual or tool kit that could work in different timelines?

Define my characteristics. If I'm using 'my' way of doing things as a model, define it.

Feedback given to others, but relevant to me:

  • Always check how the feedback is changing my next step.

  • Am I going to see other forms of testing or declare what the concept of my interventions are. (Best way to approach. Significance/symbolism of my interventions).

  • EQUIP: Don't forget I'm equipping. Think about how my interventions can 'equip'.

  • When the context is different, the meaning will change.

  • Am I having fun?

  • What would my project look like if it was successful?

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