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Evidence and Evidence

Lecture: Zuleika Lebow

What is evidence?

Noun: Evidence we have.

Verb: Doing the work to get evidence.

'Denote' is the most important.

If someone didn't want to be 'evidenced' then paraphrase and be honest about the situation. They can be marked as an anonymous participant.

Types of evidence:

Confession: autoethnograph

Physical evidence: Artefacts, objects

Direct: feedback

Business documents: books, podcats, secondary research

Documented evidence: Photos, videos, recordings

Hearsay: Networking, recommendations

Framework for Evidence:

CER(R) (McNiel, Kvajcik, 2011)

Claim: the question

Evidence: Interventions

Reasoning: Why this question, looking at the whole of it.

Rebuttal: Case against.

(E.g. Why games? What if they hate games?)

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