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Disruption and Disruptors

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

The conversation in class today made me question my topic in how I'm trying to disrupt what is already intellectually measured. My one key thought was what if I take the accepted beliefs of what I'm talking about and flip it?

Is universe the disruption? When religion says 'God works in mysterious ways', how do I attempt to understand what is the exact 'mystery' of it? Aren't I trying to unravel this mystery?

When I asked my friend, a firm follower of rational Buddhist teachings, if they believed in cosmic connections, he answered with a list:

So this is a simple question mankind has been asking for years and try to figure out...

Even if it exists, it maybe due to,

1. Rebirth and sansara

2. Evolution

3. Butterfly effect

4. God

5. Universal probability

6. Results of cause and effect or action and reaction.

7. Or you are imagining things in your head.

No one has figured it put yet..

This gave me areas I can look into. Whether any of these play a role in quantifying cosmic connections. Can I disapprove a theory? How do I place 'me' in my project?

The vastness of the project and the fact that this is a question mankind has been trying to understand for as long as there have been humans seems to discourage me from pursuing this topic. At the same time, the fact that I'm supposed to move beyond the predictable and find a different method to answer a create a change. This part excites me. Is this my disruption? To do this project, a lot of braveness is needed. What if you are not brave? I also started to think whether we always need to be brave? When we say life is being wasted, who said it's a bad thing?

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