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Definitions, the lack of.

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

David Mills: Session 04

Own reflections before session:

  • Start collecting evidence - Going over my blog, I can see I have a lot of conversations that I have analysed, but there is evidence of these claims being true in the real world.

  • Iterate my question until I arrive at the correct combination of words (Tim Arscott's (14.06.2022) word association to be applied)

  • Streamline my interventions to the question (As David said, be clear in my intentions)

  • Reflect and record what information I'm still lacking and how to find it.


How would I infiltrate Gen Z? What language do they speak?

How do I really immerse myself in what they're talking about?

How do I get into their mindset?

Can YouTube be an educator in Sri Lankan parents' eyes?


Pay attention to the words I'm using. Each word has a definition and will affect how my question is viewed.

(Don't forget my Forensic investigation training. This is the evidence collection part)


How would the observations I made with my housemates translate into a Sri Lankan setting?

My evidence should be solid and within my scope of study.

Definitions and personal bias: I'm using these two in the same section as the definition I choose to have is a personal bias.

Define creativity. Define designers. Define my stakeholders clearly.

Reflect on how the adult circle view me as a researcher, a lecturer, an unmarried woman with pink/blonde/blue hair, and face piercings.

Look up:

Personal Bias test

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