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Data Humanisation

Updated: May 11, 2022

Data Humanism:

the ability to associate data with people who generate them, with their behaviors and habits

The relationship between the research and the researcher - How does this dynamic work? How is this shown in my work?

How do you show data in a way that's quickly understandable and exciting? How creative am I in my storytelling? Create a narrative - Convey it. Define the audience and context. Intervention: Introduce change in the outside world. The idea that the change I'm proposing should be purposeful. It is needs to be needed, evidenced, and researched. Can stakeholders and others understand it? Really test out the project.

When will I need stop testing?

Think about how to test a product that shows when it would fail.

Make sure the insight is brilliant.

What problem am I saving? Who gives your feedback is important. Find the motivation of the feedback.

Cecilia Mezzi - Guest speaker.

Completely fuck up how we show data. Make sure the content and presentation is strong. Use both sides of the brain. Show emotions in a creative way.

Quantify emotions - Sentiment analysis.

Recap with Richard:

It should feel like bungee jumping. Become the person I want to be.

Get your shit together.

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