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Where is 'me'?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Diana Donaldson : Session 03


Andrei: See the value of Gen Z. Future proofing the next generation.

Jiang: Encourage the authentic culture.

Nikita: If we don't explain to them how would they know. They need human skills.

Diana: Learn to direct my information, effectively to where it needs to go, don't lose sight of why this is important to me, Gen Z are my babies - don't forget that, give them a sense of worth/a sense of belonging, what do I bring to this?, what am I advocating?, look up compassionate pedagogy, break those barries - for students and lecturers, don't be limited.

What makes sense to me? Go with my gut instinct.

What does my question actually mean? What is the aim of this study? What is the core of my investigation?

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