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Communication, the Ways of.

Georges Sidaoui: Guest Session

Communication: Audible. Visual. Gesture. Written. Verbal.

Networking: Creating relationships with people who will become allies.

  1. Inclusion: Communicating to a range of audiences.

  2. Communicate to a range of audiences within a specific user group.

  3. Communication - short term or long term? Aim for long term.

  4. Long term relationships are network builders.

  5. Three things: Know the audience and value, first impressions are important, give them something memorable.

  6. Virtual. So try to replicate the physical experience virtually. (Social Presence Theory?)

  7. Be honest, be direct, be clear.

  8. Intention and expectation.

  9. 10 sec, 60 sec, 3 minute, 10 minute - practice communicating.

  10. Someone might not help, but they can put you in touch with someone they can. People know other people.

  11. Nurture your relationships. Check in every now and then.

  12. Learning, validation, opportunity - create something new.

  13. Collaborator, employer, client - Who do I want to work with? (Razer, IDEO, Blizzard)

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