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Check the Test - Check the Clarity

Guest talk by David Mills

Has anyone asked questions about my question?

Reinterpretation of my question - they might think it differently.

Question iteration: How can I equip Gen Z with the tools to better filter information received from their immediate adult circle?

- Check the test. Check the clarity.

- My interventions can be unclear. Be clear.

- Actively talk less to get feedback. Be less defensive.

- What's my TA like? Do a survey.

- Stakeholders/experts: Why am I talking to them?

- 'What do you want?' - What others think when I send them questions.

- Respect their tone.

- Be targeted.

- Have a good catch subject header - Not so catchy that it goes to spam.

- Personalise. Introduce your work before yourself.

- How: what's their relevance to my interest and the relationship to the subject?

- Save information for the actual meeting.

- Why is their input important? Why me?

- Keep it small.

- Communicate why they're important.

- 'I appreciate you are busy'.

- Be patient. Wait 7-10 days to follow up.

- Information in the books are old. So have real world answers.

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