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Applied Sci-Fi in the Project Arena

How can perceptions change for the better between LA and IAC?

Setting: A utopian world where there is no war, no forced race or religion, and no negative impact on living your best life. Everything is run on technology and is convenient.


Tis: Leader of GG

Tis’s father: Simon Weers

Simon’s father: Chad Weers

Kyle: MA researcher studying Applied Imagination at CSM.


The year 2184. The last millennial died in 2075, and with them the last personal account of a pre-tech world. Gen Z, since being in power for the last 100 years, have slowly shifted the focus of the people to reject any notion considered as ‘old mentality’ in hopes of saving the world. Generation Alpha, missing out on chunks of history, but still under the guidance of Gen Z, kept making changes that focused more inwards than outwards. Museum items were returned to original nations and any history book containing information about wars or death were destroyed in the firm hope that history will not repeat itself.

In all its glory, the world is one now.

A universal council was born out of the destruction of the United Nations and NATO, named the Good Globe (or GG). The world voted on its leaders with no interference from the 1% as it didn’t exist anymore. The leader of GG, Tisabella Weers (she/her) has been in power for 11 years and is on the path to win the next global election. Before her, it was her father, Simon, and before Simon, it was his father, Chad who was the leader. Their keen ability to make effectual decisions to keep the world a safe and kind place started with Tis’s great grandfather. While the world in early 2000’s was all about saving the turtles by shifting to paper straws, the world did not respond that well to the soggy breakable piece of paper in their liquids. Tis’s great grandfather found a different solution to paper straws when trying to less frustrate people while they tried to save the turtles.

Enter Kyle. A student at CSM studying Applied Imagination decides to ask, ‘How can the Weers family make great decisions for generations that are effective in society?’ He comes across a book that he has not heard of before: ‘Chaotic Good’. A book written about the communication between different generations in the hope of perspective changing to educate, inspire, and guide. This is a journey of Kyle and his research journey of finding the secret to the good decision-making skills of The Weers family and discovering that the past plays a bigger role than the world is aware of.

TLDR: This is a journey of a student and his research of finding the secret to the good decision-making skills of a global leader in a world where no history is referenced, and discovering that the past plays a bigger role than the world is aware of.

Themes: Power, Individual and society, Rebellion, Humanity, Survival, Life, Education, Freedom, Communication, Hope, Limit of knowledge, History. Kindness and empathy.

Structure: Christopher Vogler: Hero’s Journey.

  1. The Ordinary World. Almost utopian world with no race, no war, no conflict.

  2. The Call of Adventure. Student starting on the MA.

  3. Refusal of the Call. Trying to find the question.

  4. Meeting the Mentor. Global elections are announced. He starts thinking.

  5. Crossing the First Threshold. Coming across the book.

  6. Tests, Allies, Enemies. No one wants to believe him. It would destroy everything. He tests it out on Reddit, and people treat him like he said the Earth is flat….but with kindness.

  7. Approach to the Inmost Cave. Finding that some information cannot be known.

  8. The Ordeal. Meeting the family. Conflict in sharing with the knowledge: cause chaos.

  9. Reward (Seizing the Sword). Find a copy of Chaotic Good in the Weer’s library.

  10. The Road Back. He’s not out to destroy the status quo. He’s trying to understand it.

  11. Resurrection. Releasing to the world that knowing the history can be good too he writes his own Chaotic Good.

  12. Return with the Elixir. He fails his project, but have managed to change the world in his journey.

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