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Agent or Pioneer?

Diana Donaldson : Session 05

Feedback on The Change I Want to See:

Refine further - it has a direction though.

Break of formality can be done respectfully. Change can happen respectfully.

How much teaching needs me - think about this.

Showcase - artefact? Could it be?

Progressive Practice - rebellious.

My credibility for this would come from the UK, from CSM.

What about focus on educators?

Could I speak to my former boss, Linda Speldewinde, about creating this change?

What's Compassionate Pedagogy? Will it go under this umbrella?

Educators and compassion cannot be seperated.

Would I be an agent or a pioneer?

Could my methods be replicated? If it can't be replicated, *I* would always matter. My involvement will matter.

I am a niche.

No one can do what I do, so let me do it.

Approach is different - I am still now your friend, but how I will give the information will be different.

Develop my own method. Let's do this my way.

Use my ability to make change.

How do I gain the trust of my stakeholders? Structure it.

OR hire me, and I'll make things happen.

Working at IDEO as always been a goal of mine. It's that one company that I relate to in their work ethics. What examples of my work can I show IDEO to get on board? Compassionate pedagogy approach?

What else about me is outside of compassionate pedagogy?

Plan B/Plan C - how do things work in the UK?

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