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Age of Discovery - Cvetana

Intrusive thoughts from lecture.

What is the identity of our time?

New context - new renaissance.

The more we know, the less we understand.

How do we navigate this the world of 'crisis'?

Are we challenged more than ever before though? Are we more in crisis than previous eras?

Does this seem bigger because we are living in int? It that why it's important?

Transformative curriculum.

Look up Culture Code - Daniel Coyle

Are we at the verge of an 'emotional revolution'?

The empathetic civilisation - the race to global consciousness.

Keep my dreams pure.

What's my comfort zone? - Is it in uncertainty?

I don't fit into the basic performance of self-evaluation.

Don't forget that people's truths can change. They can lie in the professional setting too.

Lee Smolin: Aristotelia - Self-action, Newtonian - Inter action, Einsteinian - Transaction.

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