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Summary for Sanity: 5

Question: How can I equip Gen Z to contexualise communication between them and their immediate adult circle?

Stakeholders: I feel the need to change the name of Gen Z and define them with different criteria. There's an appeal in design/creative students, but I need to be clearer on which demographic I am exactly talking about. This applies to the village too.

Location: Urban Sri Lanka. Reason one is that this is where I want this project to start. I can expand this in the future, but I want to focus on a smaller part so my attention on it can be bigger. Second reason is that Sri Lanka is going under an economic crisis. There is a major shortage of fuel, and this is already limiting my access to my stakeholders. With different power cut schedules, I am currently reaching out to different people at different times. However, the morale is quite low, and I need to tread carefully.

So far: One key thing I'm sure is that the size of the change I want to see. I am not looking to cut down trees, clear areas, and grow a field. I'm trying to plant one seed that will be strong enough to take root, but not so big that it turns into a coconut tree. I want to mix the cement to build the foundation.

Uncertainties: I can see this project embracing who I am in a sense of applying Chaotic Good and game theory into its methods. Is this is a good enough reason to apply it though? What is the actual reasoning for it?

To do: I need more information from my stakeholders. I need to plan my interventions around the fuel and electricity crisis. I need to read a few more books in my list that would help. I need to understand my theories better. I need to lock down my interview with the psychologist. I need to figure out a way to get my work done without procrastination. At some point, I need to organise my blog so that I'm proud of it.

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