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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

For the purpose of this Master's Research Project, the new knowledge derived stops here. The application of this information in an artefact (a physical game) will happen beyond the programme.

Identified key components for the main game:

Authentic Relating Movement:

  1. Welcome everything.

  2. Assume nothing.

  3. Revealing your experience.

  4. Own your experience.

  5. Honour self and others.

Nonverbal Communication:

  1. Facial expressions

  2. Gestures

  3. Paralinguistics

  4. Body language and posture

  5. Proxemics

  6. Eye gaze

  7. Haptics

  8. Appearance

  9. Artefacts


  1. Humour (Sarcasm)

  2. Kindness

  3. Empathy

  4. Connect

  5. Honesty

Dungeons and Dragons:

  1. Abilities and Skills

  2. Character Building

  3. Three Pillars of Play

  4. Race

  5. Class

  6. Armour

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