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Project notes: Check point

  1. Verbal communication - Words, tone

  2. Non verbal - Facial expressions, physical movement

  3. Inner communication - empathy, listening, advice, ego check, kindness, fun, relating, trust.

  4. New information - all of this works as a whole. Parts are good, but doesn't work alone. Relating and asking questions create stronger bonds. TA equipping other gens(LA) they become key.

  5. What is my risk? I have no psychological background. Doesn't work for everyone. Thos who get it and those who don't.

  6. I appeal to humanity (Human Kind), to emotions (Adolescent psychology), and to kindness (Empathy Instinct).

  7. I want to break Veneer Theory.

  8. Objective: For LA to set precedents of open communication, acceptance (actually for them to respond in kindness and realisation). To be resilient.

Objective Untangle

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