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Project Five - The Change I Want To See

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

How can the Sri Lankan Gen Z establish an empathetic future identity through remodeling cu
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Feedback from Dragon's Den:

Look up: Psychogeography - How we see space.

How to disrupt social conditioning - rewilding.

Be very tangible in the change I want to see.

Who am I aiming for in exactly which area?

Be more direct. Forceful.

Will this 'change' for over a year? 5 years? What's my duration?

Read Politics of Trauma.

Feedback to others that made me think:

What is the impact of staying still?

What's my interest in my project?

Why should teachers teach good ethics or morals? Why is this important?

Don't forget the creative industry.

Define my 'parents' and 'teachers' well.

What am I getting at?

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