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The Important Questions We Don't Ask

Thoughts during Debate Project Presentation.

Think about human energy, the vibe you give off. Does this make you a good listener?

'In every transaction, what is the intent?' - Security, Power, Humanity, and Fulfillment.

(Think about my interactions between the two parties. What is it that I hope to achieve?)

Is there a sense of security (or insecurity) when there's a conversation based on vulnerability?

We talk to ourselves 60,000 times a day. The person we talk to most in our life is ourselves. These conversations take us to the past, to the future, and the present.

What do I need in this transaction? What are my fears?

When you're alone, do we spend more time dwelling in negativity?

Our fears and greed disrupts the idea of being in the moment/being yourself.

Shutting down the internal dialogue - who is this person talking to us 60,000 times a day? If you can remove a toxic person from your life, why are you incapable of shutting down things about you that are toxic?

The exchange of knowledge in every interaction.

What's bad for the heart is good for the art.

In this project, what am I receiving from my stakeholders and what do I give them?

At the beginning of this project, my objective was clear; I wanted to create a better experience for the youth than what I had. I think it's changing where I'm realising how mundane that change truly is. There are too many individual factors that decide how a person goes through life unless I do something in the lines of the factions of Divergent.

I am not 100% of what is the exact change I want to create. It's still in the same family of wanting to create a better experience, but I'm still working on which level it hits.

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