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Intervention Presentation and Feedback

Intervention - Tia
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Introduce the relevance of Chaotic Good.

Think about progression in intensity.

Journalism - Progression. First question - make them question themselves.

Reticence of Gen X: Losing a bit of control, vulnerability, vagility, versatility.


Define my stakeholders.

Back story: Even when using Chaotic Good - make it evident in my work.

Storytelling: Need an intro. Assume they don't know. (However, this goes a bit against what Richard has been saying to leave out any intro and only stick to what is asked).

I can become an expert by researching. Some people are not expected to be experts. I can find the people that would have the 'knowledge'.

The designation doesn't matter - what would they know?

Understand the source of the problem - what makes them that way.

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