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Not the content, but the context

A conversation with a friend on what I'm trying to do. Talking out loud with my friend, I realised that I'm not trying to break open a gate to tell them what to say, but to open the how to talk to each other.

Most of the information online refers to how to adapt to Gen Z. Where's the part telling Gen Z to listen to the other side? This tends to come more in the language of 'I am the parent, do as I say, listen to me', but maybe we can change that. Not changing the adults, but what if I can truly gear up Gen Z to understand what the other side is trying to say?

It's a basic foundation of communication. A prefoundation. If I'm building a house, then this is just mixing the concrete. How they use it is up to them.

Can I bring my concept of Skinner Box here? I started Skinner Box to give people of Sri Lanka a place to belong. What if this is the way to give them a space to stay sane in an insane world?

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