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Survey- Getting to Know You

A survey was conducted to understand the Late Adolescent of Sri Lanka. This is still an open survey as I'm still learning more about my stakeholders.

Questions were divided into 7 sections.

Section 1 determined whether they were eligible. Section 2 asked basic questions as whether they live, whether their studying etc. Section 3 dealt with their likes and dislikes, and their aspirations. Section 4 was about about emotions and how they defined certain emotions. Section 5 dealt with their relationship with their parents and their immediate adult circle. Section 6 was back to being about themselves to determine how they see themselves and the world. Section 7 asked if they would like to be part of a study.

The answers are attached here.

Stage 1_ Getting To Know YOU
Download PDF • 457KB

Conclusions derived:

The first interesting fact came from what they would like to do for fun or as work, and how they feel about. It is evident that they have taken the question mostly seriously, with only one or two funny answers (but still relevant). Their enjoyment of the activities showcased that almost all said that they either enjoy it or they do it so they can have a better life.

They all seem to have well thought-out goals in life, and some of the answers shows that they have given it serious thought.

Their struggles include family and the Sri Lankan economic crisis the most.

While they all say they are kind and try to be a good person, surprisingly, their levels of sadness were not very high. This correlated with the question about depression where either they don't have it or they have over come it. However, the anxiety levels were quite high within the answers.

So far, 66% of the participants have experienced a traumatic event.

The negative answers came in Section 5 when talking about the relationship with their parents. Most of the participants did not have a good relationship with either one parent or both. The people they look up to varied from friends, coaches, and extended family. However, some participants did not have anyone they looked up to.

From the answers about adulthood, it is evident that they only have a slight idea of what it means to be an adult. It contained very short generic answers.

The 'village it takes to raise a child' did not have a positive impact on most of them. There's a sense of lostness within extended family and surrounding people.

Most says they are aware how the world works, but it's only about 29%. Rest were not very certain. However, when asked if they needed guidance, a majority said only sometimes. This is interesting as it shows that as late adolescents about to enter the real world, they are not fully aware of the world as yet.

From the overall survey's results up to now, it can be concluded that there is not significant enough information about being an adult for them to have a realistic idea on how the world works. For my interventions, these aspects can be incorporated to guiding them at the right time where the communication received will fit the context.

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