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We Should Be Mercury.

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Conversation with Hasitha Thalagampola, NICU Doctor. Her everyday life is dealing with infants and their mothers. Her contribution to this also showcase the influence her mother, who is a well known author in Sri Lanka, had on her growing up.

My ADHD is having a flair up and I'm having a bit of trouble focusing on my work. There's an uneasy feeling. As I type, I've fought the urge to do my nails, clean my bathroom, pack my suitcase, clean under the bed, play Overwatch, and have a nap about at least 4 times each. (I did stop mid-sentence to check what time my friend's flight would arrive tomorrow).

Talking to Hasitha Thalagampola about this, and how we work and think, she said 'it took me until I was 34 or 35 to realise I was living in another world'. I asked her permission to record the rest of the conversation as she was saying how she said she so confident in her limited beliefs that she missed out on a lot because she was not open to it. If she has a child, she would raise them to be better prepared for the world.

She said that she understand how much her mother, who is very Sri Lankan, saw the world in black and white. The advice she received was good, but sometimes it was a strict mould. She said she was raised to believe 'If you do the wrong thing, there's no coming back from it'. Now she understand, that even though previously it seemed like her mom knew everything, that her mom is still learning, still figuring things out. Even though at this stage in life, she feels like she is more open to the world, we are all still figuring out how to maneuver life with every curve ball it throws at us.

She says that writing a book telling you how to open your mind or the Instagram posts... they don't have the desired affect but make all of this seem like a fantasy world.. a trend. The morals, ethics, hard work, integrity should be there, it should be taught, but we should also let life lead us to see where we go.

So what is the tool that we can use to better prepare a group people to live in this world?

She said we should malleable. We should be able to adapt to every push, shove, and pinch we get, but still stand our ground. Adapt every force that comes our way, but still take our journey as who we are. We should be mercury.

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