Into the thick - Masters in Applied Imagination in The Creative Industry

Updated: May 11

I have been aware of my current weaknesses and strengths, and I have idenitifed that execution was not a part of the design process that I focused a lot of attention. I have a very deep fondness for ideas, and the research that leads to these ideas, and ultimately, insights.

Wanting to find a more established direction, I looked into Central Saint Martins' (known to designers as Hogwards of Designers).

'MA Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries will encourage you to use research as a creative tool, with the goal of asking better questions. Rather than discipline-related skills and processes, the course focuses on developing student-specific interventions, which can be tested and developed through real-world applications. These research topics vary greatly and are dictated by your skills and interests.' This paragraph reflected what I want to do, and also to give me a vast space of opportunity, where I can further design where my future path would lead.

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