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Into the thick - Masters in Applied Imagination in The Creative Industry

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

I have been aware of my current weaknesses and strengths, and I have identified that execution was not a part of the design process that I focused a lot of attention. I have a very deep fondness for ideas, and the research that leads to these ideas, and ultimately, insights.

Wanting to find a more established direction, I looked into Central Saint Martins' (known to designers as Hogwarts of Designers).

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Milestone SWOT

Strengths: All aspects of the project is backed by secondary research. It is tested with the key stakeholders. Verified by an expert psychologist who is starting to apply this practice I have research

Where to next...

The next stage of this project would be to analyse the problem of detachment. The difference between the now and then is technology. Even when we were younger, though we had a TV, we still had family


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