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Intervention Plan

These interventions are currently being planned to be carried out in Sri Lanka when I will be physically in the country. With the current economic situation in Sri Lanka, online interventions have been difficult. I am giving participants ample time where they could pre-plan a meeting time as there is a major fuel shortage and transport costs have increased by a large margin. These are the pre-planned interventions. However, specific details still needs to be decided.


Older counterpart: The person from the immediate adult circle

Younger counterpart: The person from late adolescent

Label: Any label that carries a relationship. 'mother' 'father' 'Uncle' 'Aunt' ' Brother' 'Sister' etc.

1. Oral Histories

Select a few older counterparts who have kids in the late adolescent stage. A ten minute interview with them to ask them some questions about their youth, and how life changed. Play these videos for their younger counterpart. Record their thoughts.

This is done to determine the openness of the adult counterpart and to humanise the label they carry.

2. Trivia

A set of trivia questions taken from the past and the present. At the end of the session, they would have about 5 minutes to Google search any questions they missed.

This is to see if both counterparts could be more aware of the information each other carry. The last section is to also determine the technical capabilities as well as to see how they perceive each other's skills.

3. Question game.

As mentioned in previous posts, this is to create a more intimate connection between the two counterparts.

4. Crisis solving.

This is yet to be determined.

I am still looking in to Game Theory, and weighing whether I should use games as an underlying theme in how these interventions are conducted.

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