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Impasse. 'Equip' Gen Z, not 'Create'.

Exploring the idea that the information received from the 'village' needing to be filtered before it is given to Gen Z, I was at an impasse. I am aware of my expertise limitation that I don't have the necessary knowledge to filter what is good information and what is bad. The advice/information that I possess are not informative to every Gen Zer. I could work with a psychologist to understand the filtering information, but after a chat with a psychologist, I have come to understand that I might as well as do a degree in psychology if I want to do this justice.

In this impasse, I went back to look at my question. I didn't need to spend a lot of time on it, the beginning jolted me forward; 'How can I equip Gen Z...'. My initial drive for this project didn't come with me wanting to create a platform or a method for them to have a conversation, but a way to equip Gen Z to have that conversation. Sketching it out more, I realised that I want to give Gen Z certain tools to communicate their needs to their village, and learn to filter information. I want them to understand the intentions of them. It's not fleshed out yet, but I will get there.

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