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Conversations with God (my brother)

My brother has always been a rational/logical thinker. Where I apply many 'what ifs' into my thinking, he is 'this is why this makes sense' kind of person.

Talking politics with my brother about how leadership is created:

When both sides are bad, the bad guy will win. Not so bad guy can't make any mistakes, they will get punished. People expect bad from the bad guy, so when the not so bad guy make a mistake, the backlash is much more.

People who come to power change the constitution so that people like them can come to power next. Good people will make it easier for good people to come to power, and vice versa.

Vote for the direction. It'll change over time. Not absolute change. Vote for the direction of 'who looks more like the leader I would one day want?'

In my project, I might not be able to create absolute change. However, I can take a step in the right direction. If I can plant the seed of change for the better, then it can grow with or without my help. Ideally, with my help.

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