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Box of Uncertainty

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

My box of uncertainty includes:

  • A photo of a friend I have the highest cosmic connection with too many synchronised coincidences.

  • A book: The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield (A book about the possibilities in the universe that I read a long time ago. It speaks of ten insights that elevates mankind. When I first read it, I didn't connect to more than two insights, reading it now, I connected to about six. Perhaps there is some truth here)

  • A book: Immortal by Christopher Pike (My introduction to a higher self)

The uncertainty for me here is whether we are truly connected in a cosmic sense. Do atheists believe in luck? If they believe in something that is not tangible, then what reasoning do they have for not believing in a higher power? While exploring this uncertainty, I also explored the Mandela Effect, and the idea that we all live in a simulation.

While there are many aspects to the unexplained, my interest was more directed towards the idea of coincidences. For the last two years, I've said that my life 'happen in twos'. Everytime one person mentions something obscure, another person would mention the exact same thing unrelated. Some pointed out that it might because I started paying attention to these, that is until

they experienced it themselves, and agreed that it is too specific to be ordinary.

Where I would like to go from here came from the idea that I was getting tired of explaining weird stuff happen to me, and I had no tangible proof.

Can we measure cosmic connections?

If my entire existence is taken over by observing coincidences, and finding that connection in a cosmic sense, why shouldn't I be trying to find evidence of it?

The 'how' part right now is based on two aspects:

One: To talk to people. People who are involved in medicine, in science, and in religion. To understand the explanation from their point of view.

Two: To look at theory, to understand how theory can be used to explain this. Game theory, the connection between neocortex and limbic brain, Chaos Theory, and Pigeon Paradox.

Synchronocity ha

s been intellectually measured. Can it be physically measured?

To summarise: Is there any truth to cosmic connections, synchronicty, coincidences, fate, and destiny OR are is it all meaningless and we are all bumbling through life. Update on Feedback:

Read 'My Big Toe: Awakening, Discovery, Inner Workings: A Trilogy Unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics by Thomas Campbell'. Use the project to do a SWOT analysis against the brief. Don't forget the process.

Thoughts: How can I create a system where you can know when a cosmic connection is made?

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