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Currently, I'm trying to find a connection with synchronicity, Gen Z, and kindness. I can feel the fire within when I talk about Gen Z, and how much I care about that area more than understanding cosmic connections.

Questions I've been asking myself:

  • How can I introduce kindness to Gen Z?

  • How can I use the concept of social media to explain cosmic connections?

  • How can I know when a cosmic connection is made? (Taking the basis that cosmic connections are real, my part here would be to create a system to recognise it. How would this help?)

  • How can I establish innate kindness in Gen Z using Chaotic Good instinct? (Can this relate to 'gut feeling'?)

  • How can I get the world to believe more in the cosmic energy?

  • What happens when we meditate on kindness? (The idea of Buddhism chant:

  • 'Siyalu sathwayo niduk wewa' meaning all beings be without suffering.)

  • How can I establish Chaotic Good in Gen Z?

  • What if I go a week with just trusting my gut?

  • How can I know if trusting my instinct will lead to synchronicity?

  • Are connections made because we have limited resources? (As in 0-9 or A-Z at its core are limited).

  • Why do people make connections? If these synchronicities are real, why is there a belief around it?

  • Can I use a monk's knowledge to explain this?

  • How do you measure cosmic energy? How do you explain it?

  • What do I want for Gen Z? Do I want Gen Z to be kinder? How can I do this?

  • If I understand why people don't believe in it, can I know what I'm missing?

  • Where do I want to go from here? (I have my heart set on working with IDEO, Razer, or Blizzard one day. Will this research lead me there?)


Nothing is certain. Objects don't have definite properties until you measure them. Distant objects are connected in strange ways. Multiverse. 'Virtual particles' pop in and out existence in otherwise empty space.

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