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Snippets of conversations

Certain conversation with friends have provoked certain ideas, and here are some key phrases.

Dushyanth Weeraman - ‘The impact of hunger’. The idea that the notion of ‘hard work’ comes from the Western way of thinking. This is because countries which have four seasons spent most of their time thinking how to make sure they are fed throughout the year. So they spent most of their day working extra hard for their survival. In countries such as Sri Lanka, where people did not wonder where their food came from as Sri Lankans had enough resources. So there was more time to wonder, to create, and to innovate. Education system is an unknown fear that is created to keep people in check. By telling students that need to study or else they will fail in life is the ‘fear’.

Randhir Witana: Traditions exist within culture.

Hasitha Thalagampola: What made her teachers exciting for her came under three categories: Acknowledgement of a job well done, giving information without hurdles, showing insights and opportunities to learn. This was reflected when talking with the students where they emphasised on these three points.

Sawithri Buwenakabahu: It is the job of the teachers to teach, and students should be able to absorb my knowledge. The system should work that the information is delivered. It is not the teacher’s job to be their friend. Higher education should be normalised. Question why smart people leave the country, and see what the system can do to fix that issue. She also touched upon that free thinking should be given by parents while the skills should be given by teachers, almost echoing Santhush Weeraman’s idea of ‘How’ to learn coming from teachers, and ‘why’ they should learn coming from parents.

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