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Question Iteration 8

The Answer: I want the late adolescents to have certain guidelines(?) on how to coexist in real world/society.

How can LA of SL be equipped _____________ to face first time societal experiences?

How can the LA or SL be better equipped to face first time life experiences?

How can LA of SL be equipped with better direction/guidelines on how to coexist in real world/society?

How can LA of SL who face first time societal experiences to be better prepared to coexist?

How can I change perceptions of LA of SL to create a better prepared generation?

How can I give LA or SL more guidance (more than what?) when faceing first time societal experiences?

First time experiences.



LA of SL.

How can LA of SL be more resilient to face their first time experiences to coexist in society?

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