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Eureka! The Click that was heard across the research project.

Zuleika Lebow: Tutor Session 04

For Zuleika:

  • Still going through data.

  • Amber L. Wright's Perceptions changed - connections made. Maybe I'm just trying to change perceptions of LA to better understand the world.

  • See (Unlearn/Relearn) - Same shit, different generations.

  • A combination of right words + trust =Would it be me as the iniator?

  • Interview with Rasini Bandara soon.

  • 75% of disorders start before the age of 24 (prefrontal cortex)

From Zuleika:

  • Look up Chloe Combi about her work on Gen Z to keep it relavant to today's LA.

  • Look at my own research process. Some of the answers I'm looking for are already in there. It's REFERENTIAL, CONTEXUAL, AND FUN.

  • Zuleika asked when my players would 'clock out' start looking at their phones. I tried to think and realised they can use the phone as I say they can because their adults. So I have given my permission to use the phone. Does that mena they use it less? If I didn't give permission to use their phone, would they use it more?

  • What are the nuances that is within the bahaviour of the players and me that would highlight these traits I need for the project?

  • Unpack why people would choose to attend something... why people do things.... (Example: Tia's Hootenanny. My birthday house party every year. 250 guestlist with about 50 being out of the country. Everyone else would turn up. Fear of missing out? Exclusivitiy? The party description?)

  • What is my end-goal? How am I answering my question? The Change I want to see in the world has not changed. I want LA to love themselves. To not want to die anymore.

  • So does this information coming from their Immidiate Adult Circle (ADC) would help them make better choices about life?

  • Does this mean INFORMATION = FREEDOM?


  • What did I teach these students? How to say no to peer pressure, how to say no to things they don't want to do, and how to say yes to things that don't go against their morals or don't hurt anyone to experience more in life?

  • What was my process in helping someone?

  • A shift in energy.

  • I'm trying to take these resilient methods outside of my head and my circle, into a public space where people can put it into practice in their day to day life.

So now, I need to:

Take a look at my intervention procedures and pay more attention to the intricacies of the entire process. Analyse behaviour of them and I both.

How to transfer these out of 'me' to a platform that can be used in real life without 'me'.

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