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Emotive Responses - Iteration of question 1

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Diana Donaldson: Session 2

Start formalising and structuring my ideas. While I ask the questions, don't lose 'me' in the project. What the abilities or talents I bring to the table? My unique connection with Gen Z should not be overlooked here.

Analysis and Evaluation: Unpack. What do I think society needs? How can I do something for society? If it is connection that I think society needs, how would that formulate my question?

How can I connect humans in an empathetic level via synchronicity? Beyond what is existing, and using coincidences and gut feelings.

Who am I focusing on?

18 - 24 year olds

Over the adolescent

Meeting 'other' people than your childhood circle

In here, I also considered what I am uncertain about within this topic. I don't seem to have a solid uncertainty that I could focus on, but on a surface level I wonder why humans are unkning, and refering to my study proposal, why is that one thing we can do is kindness, and that's the one thing we doin't practice.

I have also been mulling over why I'm so focused on syncronocity. One key thought: How big of a risk, an intervention could I and would I be willing to take?

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