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Assassination Nation (2018)

"The Reason You Suck" Speech:

Lily: My name is Lily Colson. I’m eighteen-years-old, and I don’t know if me and my friends are going to live through the night. This entire fucking town wants to kill us. And they may say that it’s because they thought I was behind it, or that I’m a whore, I’m immoral, I’m a homewrecker, I deserve it, I have it coming. Well, guess what? I didn’t hack anybody’s shit. I didn’t do it, and I don’t know who did. As for being a whore, a homewrecker, immoral? Sure. It doesn’t hold a fucking candle to your righteousness. That’s the real sickness here, your righteousness and hypocrisy. It’s the simple fact that you can’t live by the rules you set, yet you still pretend. This is your world. You built this. If it’s too strict, tear it the fuck down. But don’t look at me. Don’t take your hate out on me, I just got here. And I have no clue where to go, because, from the moment I arrived, all I was ever given were orders. “Smile. Open up. Cross your legs. Spread your pussy. Speak softer. Scream louder. Be quiet. Be confident. Be interesting. Don’t be so difficult. Be strong. Be an angel. Be a whore. Be a princess. Be anything you want to be. Even the President of the United States of America. Just kidding." Fuck you. You still want to kill me? Rape me? Stab me? Shoot me? Let’s go. Rally your fucking crew. Grab your guns and hide behind your masks. You want to do this in real life now? Give it your best shot. Because you’ve prepared me my whole life for this. You may kill me, but you can’t kill us all.

I watched this when it came out, and recently it popped up in my head. That over and over I have witnessed a jealousy, a hate, and a resentfulness towards youth deriving from a wasted youth. 'I just got here. And I have no clue where to go' - is exactly what I'm discussing in this research. At 18, they really did just got here; here being the real world. Their entire universe compromises of small circles of family, friends, school. They weren't throw out to the wolves yet, and why are we not preparing them with life skills?

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