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Analysis - Ruptures in Sri Lanka’s Education: Genesis, Present Status and Reflections.

Ruptures in Sri Lanka’s Education: Genesis, Present Status and Reflections. Book

This is currently still being read.

Current key findings:

Sri Lankan free education : A system that would bare the cost of education kindergarten to university by the state. He believes that the ‘sense of citizenship and public consciousness’ are not met. Empathy is lacking in the current education system. We currently have a divisive, competitive, and exclusivist system. For education to achieve its dual purpose, it must be an endeavor that thinks of everyone, includes everyone and serves everyone. To succeed in this, first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the rational option for the individual is also the rational option for the collectivity, and vice versa. Equality is not equal opportunity, and education is battle ground.

Things to keep in mind: Kannagara reforms. The impact of the colonisation - start of universities, the opening of private education, the struggle to offer equal opportunity to all Sri Lankans, and the political influence. Reflections: While free education is revolved around lack of cost, there is also an element of ‘free thinking’ that was initially established within the Sri Lankan education that is being lost. While colonisation is globally seen in a negative light, from my understanding, it opened doorways in education for Sri Lankans to reach beyond the ‘piriven’ education, and even to study overseas. The level of education that was established in Sri Lanka was on a higher level than what is there now. The history of educational reforms have not been extremely successful due to the political influence.

Karunanayake, P., 2021. Ruptures in Sri Lanka’s Education: Genesis, Present Status and Reflections. Nugegoda: Sarasavi Publishers.

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