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Interventions Plan 2

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I am currently in Sri Lanka hoping to do my physical intervention. However, with Sri Lanka's economic crisis, lack of fuel, and power cuts, it has been quite difficult to plan a dates and have the participants arrive on several dates. I have tackled this problem by having all the physical interventions by running a full day of interventions.

Date is planned for the 27th of August 2022 at 18th floor of the Colombo Innovation Tower. It was quite difficult to find a location to have the interventions, but Linda Speldewinde, the founder of AOD, who is a frontrunner in bringing innovation in design education in Sri Lanka, offered me a space.

The interventions will include players from the ages 18 and above. The 'younger' players will be 18 - 21, and the players from the 'village' will be 'adults' who can contribute in wisdom.

There will be four simple interventions:


This is a scaled up version of my first intervention. There are 25 questions, and it scales up in intensity.

Questions 1
Download PDF • 154KB

The objective is to remove any preconceived opinions, discover a new layer in their thought process, to remove humanise the 'labels', and to create a new bond.


This has 62 questions comprising of trivia from now and the past. It has basic questions based on Sri Lanka, general knowledge, pop culture, slang, nursery rhymes, song lyrics, and to guess people based on images. They will be given 30 minutes to answer by themselves, then 10 minutes to ask each other to check their answers, and then another 10 minutes for them to search for the answers online.

Download PDF • 1.02MB

The objective is not about the answers, but about how they choose to share knowledge. For both players to understand that there are things they don't know, and no matter the age and experience difference, there is something to be learned from each other. By making them one team, it also removes the competing factor.

Crisis Solving:

This has 6 'crisis'' they would have to solve as a team. Starting from more home-based personal problems, the last questions will ask them to solve more global problems. This is based on Rutger Bregman's idea that crisis' bring people together.

Crisis Solving
Download PDF • 152KB

The objective is to give them a chance to listen to another person's 'way' of solving problems, to understand that by communicating the right information they can contexualise certain phrasings they hear everyday in their personal lives.

Teach Something:

The idea here is to teach something to each other. They will be given the brief to teach anything they would like to; it could be a song, a dance, a talent, something from their expertise, or an interesting fact.

The objective is for both parties to understand there's more information in the world, and if they could pay attention to someone else for a few minutes, they could gain new knowledge.

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